BIM: a new approach to working

We help and advise you in the implementation of the BIM methodology

Building Information Modeling or BIM is an intelligent process based on 3D models that offers all the parties involved (architects, engineers, builders, etc.) an accurate, accessible and practical view of all the parts that make up the project’s life cycle.

Soluciones BIM Arquitectura

BIM for architecture

Autodesk BIM Infraestructura

BIM for infrastructure

Autodesk BIM Industria

BIM for industry

Main advantages

  • It improves the understanding of the project and the decision-making process.
  • It optimises design tasks with specialised tools by sector that include parametric controls.
  • It supports engineering standards and offers design validation rules.
  • It reduces documentation errors and omissions.
  • It responds quickly to changes thanks to faster and more intelligent processes.
  • It assesses construction capacity and identifies design conflicts before construction begins.
  • It controls different disciplines.

We help you to implement the BIM methodology

Our BIM professional services team is at your disposal.All their experience, knowledge, resources and tools to promote the digital transformation of your company through the adoption of the BIM methodology.





We accompany you in the  transition to BIM, designing and implementing customised solutions and processes, adapted to the specific needs of your business with the aim of enhancing its possibilities.

We are specialists in BIM data collection.


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