Always innovating, always transforming

Our history is the result of effort, illusion, an entrepreneurial spirit, the constant goal of self-improvement and the long road we still have to travel.

Cad&Lan was founded in 1990 as a business group specialised in Cad Solutions, in the Integration of IT, telecommunications and electronic security services.

Throughout these years we have accompanied our clients, from different sectors, in their process of transformation and technological evolution. The knowledge of the most innovative technological systems and the different markets, allows us to define specific solutions with which to give an adequate response to the specific needs of each one of them.



Our goal is to successfully meet the challenges and opportunities of the future by using technology as an engine for change.



Our goal is to help companies to tackle the digital transformation of their business with confidence.

We transmit our values in every project


    30 years accompanying our clients in their process of transformation and technological evolution to bring their business to success.

  • TEAM

    A team of more than 100 people involved, who provide the knowledge and experience necessary to face the most complex challenges with guarantees.


    We carry out national and international projects managed from our offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Mexico, Chile and Peru.


    We make the most innovative solutions available to our customers regardless of their size and the sector in which they operate.


    We accompany you throughout the entire life cycle of your project. We define, design, install and maintain the most suitable solution for you and your objectives.


    We are concerned about the environment in which we move and act under the umbrella of responsibility focused on the common good.

Committed to our stakeholders

Cad&Lan is a company committed to its professionals, society, the environment and all those involved in its daily activity. That is why we must act responsibly in all circumstances in the development of all our projects and initiatives.

We understand ethical conduct as a guarantee of the quality of our services

At Cad&Lan we expect all our professionals to behave, in their working lives, according to the highest ethical standards. This  Code of Ethics serves as a guide or reference, to help you choose the most ethically appropriate option in any circumstance.

Committed to quality, environment and safety

We have our own integrated quality, environmental and safety management system, which enables us to comply with standards such as ISO 9001 and 14001 in order to guarantee the quality of all our projects during the different phases of the same.

We appreciate the trust of our customers