Hyperconvergence-oriented systems

Our virtualization and storage solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each client and are scalable, fast, secure, and efficient.

Reduce costs, improve reliability, and maximize the performance of your infrastructure with a simplified management environment.


Virtualisation and storage

Have a high quality, virtualized server equipment to guarantee the proper functioning of corporate applications such as e-mail or domain management, the deployment of backup and disaster recovery policies, and in general the efficient management of the environment.


Cloud storage

Efficiency, immediacy and availability of information.

Reduce security risks from uncontrolled growth and harness the benefits of the collaboration through the use and sharing of content.

Having an IT infrastructure in accordance with the size and needs of your company, with a simple, secure and scalable architecture, has a direct impact on your business and allows you to face the future with technology as an ally.

The software you need to grow your business


The modular BIM oriented budget program that integrates cost management and control for building and civil works. Presto covers all the needs of the agents involved in the creation phases of a construction project.


Microsoft Office 365 allows access to Office applications and other cloud services over the Internet. Create, edit and share documents with anyone, in real time and from any device Discover all that Office 365 or Azure can bring to your business.


Google Meeting Solutions are collaborative, participative and safe tools that favour mobility. They help companies in their digitisation process, creating an ideal space to work as a team, from any device, at any time and in any place.


Acrobat Reader allows more than just opening and reading PDF files: Annotate, convert to different formats, edit, and your PDF documents on mobile devices, even use your device’s camera to scan documents, whiteboards, or receipts and save them as PDFs.


It allows you to easily virtualize any Windows or Linux operating system, without the need to partition your hard drives or reboot your system.


Efficiently manage your assets with a web-based, automated and centralised tool, designed to cover all documentation needs for both networks and Data Centers.

BIM + Facility Management

Unique web tool for asset and service management, integrated with BIM. It covers the entire life cycle of the property’s assets and allows for multi-dimensional asset management in a collaborative environment.


Collaboration systems

Collaboration systems help to improve the communication of ideas, share resources and coordinate efforts between teams and with clients.

Unified communications

Cloud IP PBX solutions, flexible to adapt to your current and future needs Have as many DDIs (direct entry numbers) as needed supporting all the features of a traditional switchboard.


Participate in meetings with different devices and from various locations. Increase employee productivity, reduce IT costs and improve communication between employees.

Turn your office into a global virtual community.

Digital signage

A new communication channel with your audience: launch your brand, corporate or product messages, interact with your customers and employees and save printing costs.

A simple and professional solution to communicate with your audience.

Job Management

Make it easier for your employees to book spaces and work stations through a unique room management software. Plan the occupation in a few clicks.

Digitise the management of spaces in your organisation.


Our security services and solutions are designed to prevent and guarantee the proper functioning of your information systems, in addition to complying with legal regulations.


We analyse the current situation of your company in order to identify, describe and assess the vulnerabilities to which your trading platform is exposed.

Reports on the results of the assessment are provided, detailing the preventive and reactive measures to be implemented according to the vulnerabilities and the level of risk identified.

The audits are based on international security regulations and standards such as Payment Card Industry (PCI), ISO-27001 or COBIT, web monitoring.

Security Perimeter

Protect the perimeter and resources of your business network with our Managed Security Perimeter solutions.

It has everything you need to control access and exchange of information between your network and the Internet.

Un firewall administrado, con funciones avanzadas, controla y restringe todo lo que entra y sale de la misma.

Además proporciona herramientas como túneles VPN y reportes avanzados de tráfico.

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