People counter

Every business needs a different scorecard with the essential indicators to manage the company efficiently.

  • How many people have come to my shop today?
  • What time do we have the most audience?
  • What days of the week do we have the most audience?
  • Which service is the busiest?
  • Have we had more clients this month or last month?
  • What is the average number of clients we have had this year?
  • How does the weather influence my business?

Tracker: people detection and passive monitoring

Through the analysis of customer behavior in the establishment we can give answers to many questions that will allow you to optimize your business.

  • How does the customer behave while shopping?
  • How much time does the customer spend in each area?
  • How often does the customer visit our establishment?
  • What kind of visitors do I have: new, occasional, weekly or monthly visitors?
  • Do hot shopping areas coincide with promotional ones?
  • How many people are there per time slot, day of the week, etc.?
  • Which paths are the most accomplished?

All the information through a unique graphic tool

The dashboard uses the information from the traceability and people counting system to analyse customer behaviour in detail. In this way we will obtain in a graphic, updated and centralised way the data of affluence, stay times, customer loyalty, flows and business indicators of each of the areas of the establishment.

The system generates heat maps that define behaviour patterns , that is, they show how customers interact at the point of sale, identifying the hot areas (places they like most) and cold areas (those they like least) that exist in your space.

Find new answers and solutions with our counting and flow management system for retail, commercial surfaces and large distribution.

Mejora la experiencia de usuario con Wifi inteligente

Marketing Wi-Fi

Safe and quality internet

Our smart Wi-Fi system allows users to access the Internet using captive portal technology, for which they must provide basic information at the time of registration, but very useful for your business.

It also guarantees maximum security in your connections as it complies, among others, with current legislation on internet access in public places.

Improve communication with your customers

The information collected in the login helps you to know your customers, turning raw data into insights with which to segment profiles and target your promotions and communications.

The analysis of the data provided by the service, such as the total number of registrations, the average duration of each session, etc. allows you to better understand the behaviour and preferences of the users. Create, design and send your customised campaigns to clients. Improve their experience and adapt your offer to their demand.

Our Wi-Fi systems offer coverage studies, monthly activity reports and real-time monitoring of network status.

Clean manager

The toilets of your commercial space or surface are an important place for your clients and you cannot allow that the management of its cleaning is not correct, since it creates a bad experience for them.

  • How do you manage the cleaning of the toilets in your commercial areas?
  • Do you optimise the cleaning of the toilets based on their actual use or with a fixed periodicity?
  • Do you know which time slots and days it is most commonly used?
  • Do you know what your customers think about the condition of the toilets?
  • What is the extra cost of staff due to inefficient toilet cleaning management?

Know the real needs of cleaning the toilets and make an effective management based on the analysis of data flow that allows you to improve the state of cleanliness of them, in addition to proper management of staff.

Gestión limpieza aseos

The mobile app allows a comprehensive and automated management

Aplicación gestión de limpieza de aseos

Notification Manager

  • Assigning toilets and their notifications to each user.
  • Notifying the lock on the screen for the assigned users with description of the toilet and the warning time.
  • Includes 3 user profiles: Cleaning employee, cleaning staff coordinator and administrator.

Cleaning events

  • View the history of cleaning events filtered by date and user.
  • Detailed information on each cleaning event: user, number of accesses, time of notification and time of cleaning event.
  • Information can be updated in real time.

Toilet management

  • Display cleaning notifications associated with each user.
  • Know the number of uses (accesses) of each toilet.
  • Close events via mobile app (optional).
  • Information can be updated in real time.

Queue manager

Don’t let your customers wait to be served

Increase the satisfaction of your customers and improve their shopping experience at the point of sale is essential to achieve their loyalty.

Make the waiting time in a queue as short as possible.

Thanks to the queue management software, you can find out how many customers are in a queue and what is the average waiting time they spend in front of the cash desk. You can solve, in real time, complicated situations and thus avoid conflicts and displeasure.

Gestión de filas · Minimizar los tiempos de espera de los clientes
Gestión de probadores · Fitroom

Fit room manager

Turn the shopping experience of your customers into a reality.

70% of clothing shop customers use the changing rooms before they buy, but only 1 in 10 are satisfied with the experience.

Fitroom contributes to improving your customers’ shopping experience, increasing sales and reducing losses associated with fitting rooms.

Smart fitting room management to improve your business.

  • Occupancy management system in fitting rooms based on presence sensors.
  • It shows the occupation of the fitting rooms in real time on a monitor in the entrance area.
  • It provides statistical data associated with the use of fitting rooms with hourly/daily occupancy patterns.

Public address system and voice evacuation

Public address systems make it possible to broadcast audio signals to a large audience:

  • Ambient music.
  • Voice messages.

They are also a powerful tool in daily operations, as they allow:

  • Report on marketing actions.
  • Increase comfort.

Among the main features of these systems, it is worth mentioning:

  • They are called physical installation audio.
  • Speakers with transformers are installed.
  • They use high impedance: 100v/70v.

Voice alarm systems allow information messages to be sent about incidents to any chosen area or group of areas. These messages are intended:

  • Generate a rapid reaction in people.
  • Reduce panic.
  • Carry out a directed evacuation according to the established plan.
  • Indicate the fastest and safest way out.

These systems allow faster, more controlled and safer evacuation.

Its main features include:

  • High availability, reliability and robustness.
  • Compliance with fire regulations.

Digital signage

Get your customers to live unique experiences

The use of digital signage allows messages to be communicated with dynamic and striking content that enhances the impact and influence of brands and products on customers.

A digital signage project must be designed from the outset taking into account certain aspects such as the type and location of the screens or projection elements as well as the objectives being pursued.

Segment your content, increase your product information, which contributes to improving your brand image and increasing your sales opportunities.

Direct benefits

  • Improve your brand image.
  • Increase sales opportunities.
  • Quickly launch offers and promotions.
  • Draw the attention of customers.

Projection elements. They can be screens, projectors, totems or tactical panels. It is very important for your choice to know if your location is outdoor or indoor as well as to know the distance of passage of people, the luminosity, and other important circumstances.

Content software

Content management and publication software. The system consists of a server, a player and a web access platform, which allows strict monitoring of broadcasts and versatile modification of content from any device.

It facilitates the daily updating of contents, the preparation of programming schedules, strategies and the maintenance and start-up of equipment.

Cartelería digital para Centros Comerciales
Beacons · Impacta a tus clientes con ofertas y promociones


Strengthen your marketing strategy at the point of sale.

Beacons are small devices that give off Bluetooth signals that can be captured by smartphones and offer a multitude of possibilities.

The power of geolocation has opened up great business opportunities in recent years, especially significant has been its influence on customer service.

Retailers, bars, restaurants, museums, etc. use technologies such as beacons to create promotions adapted to the tastes of your clients, create personalised routes, make recommendations, etc.

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