We design customised charging infrastructure solutions for electric vehicles in companies

Our universal solutions for electric vehicle recharging are aimed at companies that want to adapt to the new model of ecological transition:

  • Companies with their own fleet of vehicles that want to join electric mobility.
  • Companies and shopping centres that want to make this infrastructure available to their customers and employees.
Instalación recarga vehículos eléctricos para empresas

Join the electric vehicle revolution!

Take the opportunity and turn it into an advantage over your competition.


Reflect your company’s commitment to the environment. Impact positively on your CSR policies, improving the image and values of your company.


Save costs by incorporating electric mobility into your business. Enjoy mobility aids and facilities, as opposed to combustion engine vehicles which are increasingly encountering obstacles and higher maintenance costs.


Increase visibility among EV users. Build customer and employee loyalty with minimal impact on your electricity consumption.


The charging point becomes one more source of information (IoT) about your fleet or your customers.

We design together a turnkey project of accessible and easy charging for your fleet, employees, customers or visitors.

Our universal solutions for electric vehicle charging, whether in indoor or outdoor installations, of the latest generation are efficiently adapted to the needs of your business.




We design and legalize your project taking into account the necessary technical requirements: duration of the loads, energy characteristics or spaces/locations in the building.



We install robust and advanced solutions linked to EV charging infrastructures.



Management platform

Manage or control from a single platform (App or web) both the installation and the loading process of the vehicles.




We include the maintenance of the equipment and the renewal of the batteries, in case the project contemplates this form of storage.


We are members of the Business Association for the Development and Promotion of Electric Vehicles (AEDIVE, for its acronym in Spanish) ,


Experts in electric mobility

We offer a wide range of solutions and services linked to electric vehicle recharging infrastructures as part of our commitment to the environment and with the aim of promoting electric mobility in Spain.

We advise you on the processing of the necessary documentation to obtain grants for the installation of charging points for electric vehicles.

More information on the Moves Plan(new aid programme for the installation of charging points for electric vehicles)

Eco-stations, a more sustainable electric mobility

The concern for improving energy efficiency and its impact on the environment, together with our experience in the field, has led us to develop a solution for the rapid charging of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Our eco-stations use 100% green energy, taking advantage of the night to charge their batteries, which also smoothes out your current electricity demand curve and reduces energy consumption peaks.

We are also able to reuse the batteries and give them a second life. This way we contribute to improving the environment and lowering the cost of energy storage.

Recarga de vehículos electricos

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