We carry out the design and installation of structured wiring in accordance with both national and international standards and regulations applicable in this field.

We also perform:

  • Systems engineering.
  • Installation of voice/data wiring.
  • Facility audits.
  • Copper and fiber optic network certifications.
  • Rack cleaning and patching.
  • Multi-mode or single-mode fiber optic networks.
  • Implementing a suitable connectivity system facilitates the correct operation and performance of the installation, reducing unnecessary risks and potentially damaging the operation of the architecture implemented.

Our intelligent structured wiring projects are scalable, stable, highly secure and allow efficient facility management.


The interconnectivity with other networks (private/public) is done with WAN equipment, to join your different internal devices distributed in your LAN, with hierarchical topologies, designed in critical networks with high availability, security (NAC), automated monitoring and reporting for greater efficiency and security of your networks.

  • WAN: Guarantee flow, link balancing / backup, security, privacy in connections, support different connectivity topologies.
  • LAN: Based on OSI layer for different environments: DPC, core, distribution, access, PoE ports, smartrate ports, interconnection up to 100 Gbps In fibre optics (star/ring). Redundancy and high availability. Adaptable for every network environment.
  • NAC: Access control to guarantee user access with role policies.
  • Monitoring and KVM: Control and management of networks/CPD with multiple reporting.
  • Scalability: Growing and increasing needs according to the services to be implemented.

We design multi-service networks with a single IP network protocol, such as the standard communications protocol, for all services: Voice, data, video, intercom, IOT, wifi, digital signage, IPTV, IP cameras, UCS, etc. 10/100/1000/5000 Mbps port capacity on the workstations and 1/10/100 Gbps on the interconnection ports.

Smart Wi-Fi

We offer you all our experience and the necessary tools to design an intelligent wifi network for your business.


The coverage study helps us to know which elements are interfering in your connection, the concurrence of clients in each of the areas, the problematic points or the types of access in your hotel.

Implementation design

The technology that best suits your needs, as well as guaranteeing secure internet access and complying with current legislation on internet access in public places.

Our smart Wi-Fi solutions are customised to your brand, with your colours, logo.

In addition, use the data obtained as a powerful marketing tool, big data, analytical, IoT, machine learning… and apply the most innovative techniques to your business model.

Mobile coverage

We improve the mobile coverage of your facilities with our 4G/LTE service.

How we do it:

Study of the radio spectrum in order to determine the black spots of coverage inside your facilities.

Coverage study: determines the signal level of all operators.

Installation of donor antenna with repeater configured to not emit noise to the BTS and to amplify the mobile coverage indoors by means of antenna and coaxial wiring.

◎Final project that guarantees mobile coverage for all operators.

Monitoring of the repeaters from the Cad&Lan’s control centre in order to always guarantee their operability.

We carry out projects according to your needs.


SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) technology allows you to design and implement a wide area network (WAN) using software defined networks (SDN) to determine the most efficient way to route traffic between remote locations.

The intelligence of this technology allows a secure grouping of both private and public connections, as well as automation, centralised network control and agile, real-time traffic management through multiple links.

SDWAN allows:

  • More bandwidth at lower cost. It unites MPLS and multiple low-cost broadband routes in a hybrid cloud.
  • Increased reliability in critical applications such as VDI, application virtualisation, VoIP, video conferencing, CCTV, intercom, ERP and CRM, among others.
  • Simplified management. Rapid deployment and easy management. Centralized, it does not depend on the support of each delegation.


GPON (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network) is a telecommunications access technology that uses optical fibre cabling to reach the end user. It’s about creating converged IP-based broadband networks, which maximise your assets and allow you to offer more services over the same infrastructure.

Its main advantages include:

  • Increased bandwidth.
  • Longer distance: the fibre optic allows cable distances of up to 20 KM.
  • Quality of service: guarantees the necessary bandwidth for each service and user.
  • Security: the information in the optical fiber travels encrypted, which guarantees the security in the communications.
  • Operationality: integrated administration model that simplifies equipment management.
  • Scalability: allows you to evolve to XG-PON and still use the same fibre infrastructure.

In addition, this technology makes it possible to integrate all IP services through a single wire: VoIP, IPTV, Data/Internet, Wi-Fi, video conference, video surveillance, access control, home automation, etc.

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