Data center and its importance

Data Centers are particularly critical technical infrastructures, as they house all your organization’s sensitive information.

The data center exercises complete control over your facilities, so it is important to keep its infrastructure up to date and ready for the future.

Conscious of the importance of the information that your facilities have for the correct development of your business, we help you both to update your IT facilities and to build new ones. We plan and execute your project in detail, thus minimizing risks and costs.

Experience and knowledge to approach your project with guarantees

We design, develop and execute turnkey projects for data centers, including all processes related to the environment (technical requirements, operational parameters, piping systems, architectural, environmental, and electrical design), availability, and security (fire protection, redundancy, and fault tolerance) in accordance with the recommendations and existing regulations on the subject.

We help you create scalable, stable, highly secure, and energy-efficient data centers.

Implementing an appropriate structured cabling system improves the performance of your installation

We carry out the design and installation of structured wiring in accordance with both national and international standards and regulations applicable in this field like TIA942, ISO 11801, or Uptime Institute.

    • Systems engineering.
    • Installation of voice/data wiring.
    • Network audit and certification.
    • Rack cleaning and patching.
    • Multi-mode or single-mode fiber-optic networks.

Installing an appropriate connectivity system facilitates the correct operation and performance of the installation, reducing unnecessary and potentially harmful risks.

Our intelligent structured wiring projects enable efficient facility management.

Efficient energy management helps to reduce costs.

We contribute to efficient energy management with the aim of reducing costs resulting from inefficient implementation.

We develop electrical installations and assemblies designed to improve infrastructures and increase efficiency, both in new and existing facilities.

Specialists in critical implementations.

    • Electrical installations in the data center.
    • Rack cleaning and patching.
    • Professional and industrial uninterruptible power supply systems: UPS and SAIS
    • Authorized low-voltage electrical installation company.
Sistemas eléctricos para CPD


The key cooling and climatization infrastructure to ensure the longevity of your data center equipment and therefore your business.

A good cooling system is not limited exclusively to the installation of equipment but depends on its correct energy management and sizing.

We design the cooling strategy that best suits the needs of your installation, aimed at increasing the efficiency and capacity of the equipment installed in the data center. Save energy in small, medium, and large installations.

Safe, modular and scalable enclosures

We offer high-quality enclosures to meet the needs of our customers in different industries.

These enclosures are designed to achieve cooling efficiency and the correct protection of the critical equipment that makes up the data center.

  • Modular and safe cabinet systems.
  • Prefabricated data centers (micro data center, data center in containers..)
  • Fire Protection Systems (FPS)
  • Control access ystems.
  • Adaptable to the height and width of the racks.

BMS - energy control and management

Energy Management Systems (BMS) facilitate the control of the mechanical infrastructure and the real-time monitoring of the equipment that makes up your installation.

The BMS system provides the personnel in charge of managing the facilities with the necessary information to respond, through alarm management, to warnings or changes related to security, cooling, energy, lighting, or fire protection, among others.

Data centers are critical infrastructures that require very powerful and energy-intensive power and cooling systems, making BMS systems an essential element in the data center. It is estimated that these systems can efficiently control more than 84% of a facility’s energy consumption.

EMS - EPMS, energy monitoring

Monitorization of all the components of your electrical network for the correct maintenance and operation of the installation.

  • Detailed electrical parameters supervision.
  • Mandatory in spaces larger than 1.000m2.
  • Faults or alarms automated reporting.

DCIM - Data Center Infrastructure Management

A complete tool to document, visualize and understand your data center.

    • Control your inventory and asset management.
    • Discover, unify and visualize your infrastructure.
    • Eliminate unnecessary IT equipment and power expenses.
    • Reduces risks and downtime.
    • Eliminates security breaches and data loss.
    • Track cable, wires, and circuit changes.
    • Automatically keep your data center information and diagrams up-to-date.
    • Reduce energy expenses up to 30%
    • Boost overall productivity
    • Imports information.
    • Control panel: physical and logical views.

Can BMS and DCIM be integrated?

Yes, by integrating both solutions you will get a powerful management and control tool for your data center and the whole organization.

DCIM - Gestión Eficiente del CPD

O&M - Smart operation and maintenance management

We provide maintenance and asset management software (CMMS) to help your data center operators carry out the different work orders assigned to them in a simple and orderly way. These platforms contain ticketing modules for incident management.

We have our own personnel dedicated to critical infrastructure maintenance, capable of providing preventive service for any type of infrastructure: electricity, air conditioning, IT, BMS, power monitoring, civil works, etc.

We work on data center projects from the outset close with the client to ensure that the solution developed meets the specified needs and functions required.

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